29th November 2016

It’s no secret that 2016 has been a year of immense difficulty for families throughout the UK. As jobs become harder to find or even keep hold of, families have been experiencing tighter financial constraints with ever-increasing prices in food and household bills.

Nothing could be further from the truth throughout Bexley, with an increasing number of clients having to visit local Food Banks. The sadness and embarrassment has been clear to see, as they arrive in need of food and other essential supplies. Items that they simply cannot afford to buy themselves because of low incomes and high household costs.

Bexley Food Bank has witnessed an ever-increasing number of such people walking through its doors on a daily basis throughout 2016. However, the volunteers of the Food Bank have also seen these very same people walking away with their heads held high, bags of food in their hands, and more importantly, smiles on their faces.

It’s fair to say that such moments wouldn’t be possible without the kindness and generosity of many throughout the Borough of Bexley. Thanks to various churches and over 25 schools across Bexley, more than six tonnes of food and essential toiletries supplies was donated to the Food Bank throughout the year. Schools such as Orchard Primary School, Sidcup participated in various donating events for the Harvest periods during the year.

To all churches and schools that participated in such events and helped, not only with donations, but with raising awareness of the need for Food Banks, we at Bexley Food Bank thank you.


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