How To Eat Well With A Low Budget – Jack Monroe

10th January 2017


Foodbanks are aware of the difficulties that people are faced with on a daily basis when struggling with financial difficulties.  With incomes being forever tightened and prices rising consistently, people are faced with having very little money left over for food (or none at all in some cases) once household bills are paid.  The opportunity to eat healthy foods in such circumstances can seem to be impossible as prices of fresh meats, vegetables and fruit are increasing each year.

A vast majority of food stock donated to Foodbanks on a daily basis consists predominantly of tinned and long-life items, but how do you to eat as healthily as possible on such items?

In November 2013, The Telegraph published an article entitled “How To Eat Well For Next To Nothing” (  The article tells the stories of two people who struggled with financial restraints, yet managed to eat healthily within such limitations.  Of the two, however, the story of Jack Monroe really caught our eye and can easily be associated with many clients who walk through the Foodbank’s doors requiring food.

The details of Jack Monroe’s full story can be read via the aforementioned link.  What can be taken from this story, however, is that like all Foodbank clients, Jack has lived in poverty and knows what it’s like to have very little money yet still need to buy food to eat.  It’s truly amazing what Jack managed to do with as little as £6.

Now a fully fledged writer, journalist and activist, Jack Monroe can be an inspiration for Foodbank clients in helping them to eat healthily on a shoe-string budget.  With the use of Jack’s website, the food that Foodbanks provide can be used in a variety of ways to help clients to eat more healthily as well as enabling them to prepare a variety of excellent meals.

There are many recipes to choose from, including delicious recipes for as little as 20 pence!  Healthy eating doesn’t need to be as expensive as we’re led to believe.  Even in the most financially difficult circumstances, we can all be inspired and motivated to eat healthy and look after our bodies.  So head over to Jack Monroe’s website and give it a try.

Jack Monroe has been an active campaigner for a number of causes throughout the UK, particularly those concerned with poverty and hunger, campaigning alongside organisations such as Unite, Child Poverty Action Group, Oxfam, and The Trussell Trust.


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